• I co-taught SUST334: Practicum in Sustainability Studies at the University of New Mexico. I lectured on water, passive solar, and earth building, conducted workshops on greywater systems and superadobe, and supervised a student group who built a rainwater capture project for Lobo Gardens. Some photos from that course are here.
  • At the Old School, and partnering with the Hive ABQ, I teach a regular greywater workshop. I also teach homemade toothpaste, hummus & pita, and non-dairy milks.
  • The 3rd-5th graders at the Roots & Wings Community School in Northern New Mexico invited me to teach principles and mathematics of rainwater harvesting. This was a very practical project for them because their school is off the water ‘grid’ and trucks in water to an underground cistern.
  • The mid-schoolers of a local Junior chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) reached out to me because they particularly wanted to create a greywater system for their engineering competition! We spent an afternoon on the technical aspects of greywater plumbing and brainstorming ideas for their project.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Resilience is a keen interest of mine, and together with a few members of Transition ABQ, we developed a workshop we have given at the NM Climate Conference and to other groups.
  • Waste Management and Resource Recovery is a seminar I give for Transition ABQ and the NM Solar Energy Association’s Earth Mastery course.

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