Intro to Prodev

Intro to ProDev

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1a. My Resume (June 2019)
I tend to tweak my resume to highlight the skills relevant to the job and downplay the other stuff. This one is the Design/Communication/Nonprofit-focused one, which is where I’d like to be, job-wise.
The “community” section is definitely too big, but I’ve been told by employers that that part in particular made them take a closer look, and that experience is experience, be it volunteer or paid work, so… I’d like to tweak it, but I need to decide what to leave out.

1b. My Linkedin page

2. Pre-bootcamp survey completed ✓

3. Concept map activity

4. Slack is updated ✓

member id: UJZ1LQ46B

5. Think about which Path

Definitely Employee.

I’m tired of self-employment especially the taxes & health insurance.

However, I also had a small biz, ABQ Old School, I’d like to revive/re-launch eventually / when I have a steady income to support it. I miss this project dearly, but I didn’t have the ability to run it as a business. I wasn’t prepared to be a businesswoman. I needed help, a team, a cofounder (a replacement cofounder for the one who left because she didn’t want to be a businesswoman) or a helper in some way. After my cofounder left, I felt really alone in it. It ran from 2011-2016. If/when I revive it, it needs a serious rebrand, website redesign (2011 site!) and a new business plan, including potentially some new digital aspects, like online classes, blogs, a podcast. Or maybe just webcasting the live classes. I don’t know. I need to put thought into it, which I haven’t in a long time.