Identity Framing

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1. Activity: Select two photos that represent your present and future career statuses

My buddy (Isaiah) and I both chose two sets of photos.
Blocks to built.
Disturbed & dependent to at peace & self-determined.


In this exercise I considered the metaphor of building blocks. I believe that I have a lot of the building material — skills, interest, and work ethic — to get to the point of *becoming* the built structure, the useful item, the valuable thing.

In the 2nd duet of photos, I considered how I have recently been a fainted, injured, dependent person — with family and health issues, a slowing freelance career — and where I want to be in the future is like the buddha, an independent, self-understood, healthy and calm soul.

The process to get from the first photos to the second I believe involves organizing my building blocks, making a plan for how to put them together, and showing others how they can be used. I.e. my portfolio.

Who am I? I am a visual designer working with Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate, After Effects, and Premiere.    

Create an identity that you want to portray
Figure out what channels to use
Create a content plan for what you’re going to post under these identities.    

Identity Chart fill this out, as it is now, and where I want it to be.    

IdentityLeila SalimLeila Salim
Channelslinkedin, websitefacebook, instagram, tumblr, discord
Contentnot updated very well 😕activism commentary, calls-to-action, memes, personal comments

At the moment, I do not differentiate between my personal and professional on the internet. I don’t have a particular avatar or code name I use on the internet very much. I tweet about my activism work as well as baseball and memes. I do the same on facebook. I think I need advice on how to better separate these.