Collaboration & Team Building

Collaboration & Team Building

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1. Collaborative Game Reflection, 6/6/19

Forbidden Island is a collaborative game in which you are on an island that’s flooding with 4 treasures you need to find before helicoptering off together. There was a lot to learn in the rules so our group took a long time to learn them. I took over the rules sheet pretty quickly and read it aloud as we worked through and organized the cards and pieces. It seemed easier to just get it done. I think that I tend to “take over” if there is any hesitation from the others. I don’t think it’s necessarily a “leadership” thing, but maybe more of a “narration” thing. I like to narrate what’s happening so that everything’s clear. I don’t feel like I have the confidence to “lead” per se. Anyway, about 2/3rds of the way through, I asked if anyone wanted to take over reading the rules and Isaiah did.

As we played, we had a good sense of collaboration. Isaiah and Adiana picked up on some of the strategy before me, so I would sort of repeat the reason why we’d do that in order to pin it down in my head. We all narrated aloud what our moves were and we would interject and suggest moves to each other, and remind each other of our character’s special skills so that we could collaboratively get to our goals.
I think that games can often level the playing field between players, because we’re all in the same boat, especially as we were all learning it together, but I did notice that Adiana, who is usually a very quiet one, spoke up quite a bit when it came to the turns of the game and the strategies.

I do notice that I have tendencies to be loud, talk too much, blurt things out, and sometimes even interrupt others, in certain contexts. I am aware that there are a couple people in the cohort who are more shy, timid, or just more patient than I am, and I would like to try to be better at giving the the time and space to say their part, share ideas, and even to correct me! This realization came about more during our ground rules-making circle than the game.

2. Plan a team lunch this week or next

Had lunch with my Healing Visualization project team.

3. Endorse at least 2 skills for team members on Linkedin

I connected with Charles, Ted, Myriam, and Selena.
Myriam doesn’t have skills listed yet, but I endorsed a few skills for each of the other three.

This reminds me I need to add my new skills to my own profile (animation, video production, After Effects, Premiere).

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