Video and Motion Graphics

Primarying Democrats Campaign

A coalition of organizations got together in early 2020 to work to change the New Mexico State Senate. In particular, to vote out a few Democrats who had been blocking key legislation for years. To help explain the situation in the legislature, the group wrote this script and I animated this video.

Qworks City Story

As part of Qworks cohort #3 in 2019, I researched, wrote, and produced three videos on public financing in Albuquerque.
It was made in three 1-minute parts for publication on social media (including Instagram and Twitter which limit videos to 1 minute) but were combined for Facebook. Watch it here:

Below are examples of student work in animation, video editing, and video production from my time at CNM Ingenuity’s Digital Media Bootcamp.

Vyond Animated commercial

We began learning animation using a tool called Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) which has a library of built-in assets.

Kinetic Type

My first experience with Adobe After Effects, I chose a favorite quote by architect William McDonough on the profound complexity of trees. I used a technique called “kinetic type” to move words and small graphics on the screen.

Promo videos

Promotional video for professional training and networking conference for Certified Peer Support Workers and Community Health Workers. Client was NM Dept of Health.

The first is a short promo for social media using Vyond.

The second is a longer promo using green screen technology and multi-camera shooting, edited using Adobe Premiere.

The big lesson I learned here was that “fix it in post” is a bad idea, and getting good footage is vital. The speaker was available for one day, and two things went wrong: the lapel mic didn’t record, and the green screen lighting was too reflective on the subject. I did the best I could “in post” with noise reduction of the camera mic recordings and tediously color correcting the subject.