Hi. I’m Leila.

I’m a designer, green builder, maker, teacher, entrepreneur, and community activist.

I’m from the South Valley of Albuquerque, NM. I went to UPenn where I majored in Architecture and Environmental Studies, lived in Center City Philadelphia, and enjoyed that urban experience. I moved back to Albuquerque and worked as an architectural intern until I co-founded the Albuquerque Old School, a hub of community experts who offer classes in frugal, traditional, and sustainable living. I’m running it now as a one-woman business and I love to connect people with skills to people who want to learn those skills. I teach some of the classes, including greywater, natural building, non-dairy milks, hummus & pita, and homemade toothpaste!

Local sustainability is kind of my thing. With a team of twelve, I helped to launch the Transition movement in Albuquerque to work on local resilience projects, and I’m really looking forward to where that’s going. Rob Hopkins’ Transition Handbook gave me a brilliant new word for what Old School does: “reskilling”. I love it.

I also spend good chunks of time doing local organizing work with the amazing people of Urban ABQ, Mi ABQ, and OLÉ on events and projects such as ABQ CiQlovia, a mayoral candidate forum, and a workers’ rights campaign for paid sick leave.

Relocalizing the economy and building up the local sharing economy are also big interests of mine. I organize a massive and fun Really Really Free Market each year, lead a Buy Nothing Project group in my area of the city, and I’m hoping to start organizing neighbors soon around creating a tool library and a repair cafe.

On the “work” side of life, I’m continuing to develop ABQ Old School, while working freelance in graphic design and communications with clients such as the Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens, CivNet, Young Women United, and the Corridors initiative.

Thanks for visiting. I hope to add more to this website soon. You can contact me at leila.salim@gmail.com or via social media at the links below.